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Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Depression Cross Body Bag in Canvas Material

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This bag includes 7 types of genuine crystals and gems that help absorb negative energies and elevate your mood.

Amethyst-transmutes negative energy to positive one.

 Rose Quartz-brings in healing energy and helps to develop self love.

Labradorite-Dispels fear, anxiety and negativity.

Citrine-Raises energy and motivation.

Rhodochrosite-calms and rebalances the nervous system.

 Smoky Quartz – absorbs negative energy and thought patterns. 

 Clear Quartz-amplifies every other crystals and release blocked emotions.

Disclaimer:  These crystals are not a substitute for medical treatment or a cure.  It means to be an aid to help you dealing with anxiety.  They do not, under any circumstances, replace a medical doctor or medications prescribed by a doctor.  Please always follow your doctor’s advice. 

 The bag comes with a card explanation of crystal geometry.

Quality canvas material and uniquely designed

Includes adjustable 28" maximum detachable strap drop

Secure zippered closure.  Fabric lined interior.