RS8786POL/CR-A Fit Over Sunglasses (Pack of 12)


  • plastic frame
  • anti-reflective lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection coating
  • Lens width: 60 millimeters
  • Measurements: 6" (152 mm) W x 1 3/4" (44 mm) H Lens width: 60 millimeters
  • Polarized lenses block glare from light reflecting off the surface of the water better than any other types of sunglass lenses; these aren't just for people who love boating, fishing or going to the beach. Anyone who wants to protect their eyes from the glare outdoors can benefit from these advanced sunglass lenses.
  • Fits over, wear over, wrap around, shield, cocoon, your normal glasses; These Polarized sunglasses can be helpful for driving because they reduce glare-causing reflections from flat surfaces, such as the hoods of vehicles and light-colored pavement
  • 100% UVA & UVB Protection
  • Fit Over sunglasses are perfect for anyone who wants the benefit of sun protection while wearing their regular glasses. They're lightweight and easy to slip on over your eye glasses. These glasses are designed to wrap around your face blocking the sun from the sides as well which allows for an inexpensive alternative to expensive custom sunglasses.
Prepacked one dozen in the color assortment as shown